Dr. Earl Mindell Provides Natural Methods To Manage Allergies From His Latest Book, Dr. Earl Mindell’s Allergy Bible

Earl Mindell, author of DR. EARL MINDELL'S ALLERGY BIBLE

Earl Mindell is a writer and nutritionist. He currently resides in Beverly Hills, California. He has authored over 50 books on health and wellness, and he’s a strong advocate of nutrition as preventive medicine and homeopathy.

Dr. Mindell’s most notable publication, Earl Mindell’s Vitamin Bible, is a glossary of micronutrients published in 1979 that was recently updated and re-released in 2004. It has sold over 3 million copies and is translated into 33 languages.

Dr. Mindell is a registered pharmacist, a master herbalist, and a professor of nutrition at Pacific Western University in Los Angeles.

His latest book is titled Earl Mindell’s Allergy Bible: Alternative Strategies For Allergy Relief.