Dr. Gabriel Grayson Explains How To Read A Person Like A Book

Dr. Gabriel Grayson, author of How To Read A Person Like A Book

Dr. Gabriel Grayson is a: dactylologist, magician, performer, interviewer, son of deaf parents, extra sensory perception illusionist, author and body language specialist.

His latest book, How to Read a Person Like a Book: Observing Body Language to Know What People Are Thinking, expands on research begun 50 years ago. His experience in sign language adds a new dimension to understanding what we say with our body language.

There is so much good content in this interview it’s hard to pick out a few bon mots, but here are some of Gabriel’s comments. Women are better equipped to read body language. It’s good to have an animate face—although this is sometimes difficult with certain cultures. Always flash some teeth to make yourself appear more congenial. It is good to gesture (gesticulate), but don’t close fingers or put your hands in front of your face. Nod while talking. Lean in. Both actions show interest. However, don’t invade another person’s personal space.

If I missed a few tips, you can hear them all in the interview below: