Dr. Michael Pantalon Teaches Instant Influence With His 6-Step Process

Dr. Michael Pantalon, author of INSTANT INFLUENCE

Dr. Michael Pantalon is a clinical psychologist and research scientist at Yale University School of Medicine, where he has spent the last 14 years studying cutting-edge treatments for addiction to alcohol, heroin, opiate painkillers, and cocaine.

As a specialist in motivational enhancement, Dr. Pantalon has helped some of the most difficult-to-treat addicted people to enter treatment.

His ultra-brief, easy-to-learn motivational intervention has helped countless addicted individuals, as well as the thousands of addiction professionals who have attended his seminars.

Dr. Pantalon’s simple, yet effective method can help you motivate just about anyone to do anything—fast! <em>Instant Influence</em> is his first book.