Chris Zane Explains The Science Of Creating Lifelong Customers From His Book Reinventing The Wheel

Chris Zane, author of REINVENTING THE WHEEL

Chris Zane is the owner and CEO of Zane’s Bicycles in Connecticut.

Chris’ philosophy is that in the business where bicycles and accessories are pretty much the same, it is the people and policies of a company that make the difference. Chris knows that i’s his customers’ satisfaction that keeps him in business.

Chris’s cutting edge marketing techniques have been used as case studies in over a dozen college textbooks worldwide.

He is considered a pioneer in the bicycle industry and has set precedents on how other bicycle shops run their own businesses.

His innovative ideas have been the subject of numerous articles in publications such as: The Harvard Business Review, Fortune Magazine, Inc. Magazine, Nations Business, Venture Link, Bottom Line Business, and Inside 1 to 1.

Chris is a frequent guest on the WCBS Radio Show, The Small Business Report with Joe Connolly.

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