Gary Moore Discusses His Fascination With Buddy Holly

Gary W. Moore, author of Hey Buddy: In Pursuit of Buddy Holly, My New Buddy John, and My Lost Decade of Music

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  1. SavasBeatie
    SavasBeatie says:

    Thanks for mentioning our book Hey Buddy by Gary W. Moore. Hey Buddy is a look at how Gary “discovers” Buddy Holly’s music and life, and pursues his legacy as seen and told through the eyes of people who knew him and have been influenced by his life.

    You can read more about the book at Also check out the Event Calendar to see if Gary will be making a stop near you on his book tour. Our first Hey Buddy Quest book trailer is at

  2. andrew b
    andrew b says:

    I have obsessively gone over the “facts” surrounding the crash for 4 years now, and many of these “facts” just don’t fit, there are way too many contridictions . Bob hale of krib states, that on his way home from the show the snow started coming down heavily, which he claims caused the crash. This is a contradiction to other reports that state the plane took off in clear skies. He did however defend roger peterson, which I agree with. This “snow storm” is fabled. Just look at the crash photos. Where is all of this snow ? The ground should be covered with it, as well as the bodies. Another thing that does not fit is the location of the bodies. The plane impacted with the ground 570 feet before the plane came to a rest on the fence. Holly and valens’s bodies were only twelve feet from the wreckage. That plane broke apart well before it stopped at the fence, meaning the bodies would have been thrown out closer to the point of impact. Were they thrown nearly 500 feet ? I think not. Something stinks here.

  3. andrew b
    andrew b says:

    Now call me crazy, but I suspect all three bodies were moved from their original resting place. They could not have been thrown out near the fence, there was no plane left to be thrown out of !! It was nothing more than a ball of metal and cables ! So then, the big question is, why would someone move them ? I believe peterson was competent enough to fly that plane at night. Here’s where I began to doubt dwyers story. He said peterson did not file a flight plan once in the air, nor did he make any contact with the tower. Is this the truth ? Dwyer states he was outside watching the plane as the lights dissapeared. If outside, how would he know peterson made no attempts to contact him ? They blame peterson for the crash. Another thing. They say the plane crashed 5-7 minutes after takeoff, about 5 miles from the airport. Do the math. This does not add up. At the speed they were traveling the aircraft would have had to crash two and a half to three minutes after takeoff

  4. andrew b
    andrew b says:

    3 minutes is hardly enough time to make a fatal error. That plane went up, and then, straight down. The very short investigation stated there was nothing wrong with the aircraft. I don’t believe that. I have spent many a sleepless night thinking all this over. then of course there is the statement by his wife that peterson was incapacitated. In comes the theory that a pistol was fired onboard. Claims have even been made that there was a bullet hole in petersons seat. I read somewhere that in a rare interview dwyer confirmed this bullet hole, but hey, it’s the internet, you can’t believe everything you read. I’m questioning the validity of that “Rare” interview. Perhaps someone can clear that up for me. So, we have several different scenarios now. 1. A fight of some sort could have broken out onboard, incapacitating peterson. 2. Peterson was struck in the back from a bullet that came from holly’s pistol, killing him.

  5. andrew b
    andrew b says:

    3 . Ice formed on the wings and windshield, forcing peterson to attempt an emergency landing, which he botched. 4. Peterson, who was rumored to be unable to fly at night, realized this, lost his nerve and attempted to land the plane. 5. The aircraft was not in proper working order and crashed, or 6. Peterson simply could not tell up from down and slowly flew the plane into the ground. This I believe is B.S. The plane was not airborne long enough to “slowly” run it into the ground. It feels like I’m still missing another important point here. I’ll try my best to remember it. If anyone wishes to discuss this with me PLEASE email me at My wife is so tired of listening to me ramble on into the wee hours of the morning about this. I would love to discuss this with someone as passionate about this as I am.

  6. reg hill
    reg hill says:

    been a buddy fan since 58got almost everything he recorded read many books articlesheard stories the truth i dont know i believe what ive read until the truth comes out if it ever does do i want to know will it spoil the myth the legend again i dont know in my opinio will this be one of MY 5 mysteries never to be solved like 1) who killed jfk 2)marilyn monroe 3)bobby fuller 4)princess di 5)buddymystery surrounds them all WILL WE EVER KNOW maybe maybe not???????????

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