Guests for March 12, 2012

My guests on THE BILL FRANK RADIO SHOW for Monday, March 12, 2012 will be:

Tyler Mathisen, CNBC‘’s Power Lunch co-anchor, will discuss business topics and CNBC’s strategic editorial initiatives.

Scott Rasmussen, political pollster and CEO of Rasmussen Reports, will explain how voters will balance the budget and eliminate federal debt from his latest book, The People’s Money.

Ann Lee, a senior fellow at public policy think tank Demos, will present an open-minded guide to treating our greatest competitor as our greatest teacher from her book, What The U.S. Can Learn From China.

Bob McCord, local attorney and member of the group Venturans for Responsible and Efficent Government, will discuss diverting funds from Ventura’s Water Department to fund the Working Artists Ventura housing project.

Doug Breeze, Port Hueneme’s mayor, will give us an update on what’s happening in Port Hueneme.

Join me at 3 o’clock pm Pacific time on News/Talk 1520 KVTA in Ventura and on the Internet at