Dr. Earl Mindell Tackles Diabecity in His Latest Book, Earl Mindell’s Nutrition Bible

Dr. Earl Mindell, author of Earl Mindell's Nutrition Bible

The United States is the most overweight country of 33 countries in the industrialized world. 70% of adults are overweight; 30% of them are obese. 30% of children are overweight. Little doubt. Each person consumes 161 pounds of sugar each year.

America is “getting sicker, quicker,” according to Dr. Earl Mindell, author of Earl Mindell’s Nutrition Bible.

He’s coined a new term, “diabecity.” It aptly describes the dual villains of diabetes and obesity.

Earl gives his recommendations to lead a more nutritious life: 1) eat whole foods, not processed foods 2) drink clear water. A simple formula to calculate how much water to drink is to take your weight, divide by 2 and that’s how many ounces you should drink. 3) go organic 4) take digestive enzymes or probiotics 5) take a vitamin and/or mineral supplement 6) find an open minded physician for natural or alternative medicine 7) add movement to your life 8) pay attention to what you eat and 9) manage stress (usually done through exercise).

Earl comes from a family in which his father, grandfather and mother suffered from diabetes, which makes him motivated to learn all he can about diabetes and obesity.

Listen to this informative interview below: