Guests for March 14, 2012

My guests on THE BILL FRANK RADIO SHOW for Wednesday, March 14, 2012 will be:

Paul Chappell, former US Army Iraq veteran and peace advocate, will discuss how we can create the future needed for humanity’s survival from his bookPeaceful Revolution.

Kevin Cope, CEO of Acumen Learning, will provide the business acumen to build our credibility, our career and our company from his book Seeing the Big Picture.

Paul Polak, leading a revolution to harness the power of markets and attack poverty at its roots, will discuss his book Out of Poverty.

Cynthia Kersey, will reveal the secrets and traits of successful people she’s distilled into a simple formula in her book Unstoppable.

Steve Budin, noted sports handicapper, will break down the NCAA Men’s basketball tournamenet as we head into March Madness.

Katherine Albrecht, a privacy expert, will share how major corporations and government plan to track your every purchase and watch your every move from her book Spychips.

Join me at 3 o’clock pm Pacific time on News/Talk 1520 KVTA in Ventura and on the Internet at