Internet Child Safety Is Explained By Two Experts

Linda Criddle, CEO of Safe Internet Alliance

Ron Zayas, CEO of eGuardian

Two noted Internet safety experts, Linda Criddle, CEO of Safe Internet Alliance, and Ron Zayas, CEO of eGuardian, revealed the perils to children’s safety on the Internet.

Internet usage puts children into contact with potentially millions of people—some of whom are bad. Never before in human history have children been exposed to threats from so many possible assailants.

The gateway to these dangers is not only PCs, but now include mobile devices and game consoles.

Linda pointed out the Safe Internet Alliance has three goals: 1) educate consumers, 2) focus on legislation to protect people and 3) heavy interaction with software and hardware manufactures to provide more “built-in” safety.

Ron astutely noted that one of the primary roles of parents is to teach children when to turn off in this constantly plugged in world.

In the end, both guests advised parents to teach their children one thing: Beware. The people you meet on the Internet may not be who, or what, they appear to be.

Listen to this thought provoking interview below:

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