James Rick Stinson Teaches Us How To Unleash Your Full Potential

James Rick Stinson, author of UNLEASH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL

James Rick Stinson is Founder of Full Potential Academy, a speaker and the author of Unleash Your Full Potential. James Rick started his first biz at the age of 17, currently employs more than 150 staff around the world and his businesses have generated more than $5 million in revenues over the last 36 months.

At the age of 4 James had a knack for entrepreneurship, selling finger paintings in the drive way, of their small Florida home. His best (and only) customer was his mother who bought them all.

Fast forward some years later, James Rick Stinson was awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year by Southern Utah Chamber of Commerce in 2001, for starting his first major venture with less than $1,000 at the age of 17.

By age 18 he had gotten into as much as $30,000 in credit card and personal debt but somehow managed to get out of it. Over the next 3 years he grew that business to half a million dollars in sales and expanded to build an office in Noida, India where he lived and worked for 3 months before returning to the US.

James has not ignored his true calling to share his light with the world. Along the way for more than 15 years, James has continued to study how to develop and harness human potential.

James’s motto is: Full Potential is a daily habit – not a one time event.