Jay Stout Chronicles The 303rd Bomb Group In World War II From His Book Hell’s Angels

Jay Stout, author of Hell's Angels

Jay Stout, author of Hell’s Angels

Jay A. Stout is a retired Marine Corps fighter pilot. He retired during 2001 after a 20-year military career.

Lt. Colonel Stout flew more than 4,500 flight hours, including 37 combat missions during Operation Desert Storm.

Following his military career Lt. Colonel Stout worked for a very short time as an airline pilot before being furloughed after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. He subsequently flew for the Kuwait Air Force for a year before returning to the States where he now works for as a senior analyst for a leading defense contractor

Lt. Colonel Stout’s expertise is widely recognized and he has made many appearances as a combat aviation expert on news networks such as Fox, Al Jazeera and National Public Radio.

His latest work is a comprehensive history of the United States’ Army Air Corps most decorated bomber groups, the 303rd.

We discuss daylight precision bombing during World War II.