Yoon Cannon Gives Advice On Improving Productivity

Yoon Cannon, president of Paramount Business Coach

Yoon Cannon states, “Not being organized is the root cause of mistakes.” She is an organizational professional and president of Paramount Business Coach. She says too often people confuse activity with productivity. They are not the same thing. Productivity, as Yoon defines it, is the return on what you get divided by the value of the time you invested in getting it.

Yoon teaches 7 essential strategies to boost productivity and profits. They are: 1) get clear on your purpose 2) refocus 3) organize 4) function 5) manage interruptions 6) technology 7) systematize your time.

Yoon has some terrific tips & tricks. For instance, under refocus, schedule a 30-minute daily meeting with yourself. Under the organize strategy, Yoon recommends scheduling 15 minutes per day to file and three hours per month to purge. Under function, she has the 5 Ds: decide, delete, delegate, defer and do—love the illeteration. And, under technology, Yoon gives the following websites as useful tools, particularly for solo-preneurs: Contentcrooner.com, Phontag.com, Speak-write.com, a portable scanner, Ztrace.com, Absolute.com and Stealthsignal.com.

Yoon also has some useful tools for listeners to track their time.

Weekly Time Journal

Daily Mapping

Sample Time Template

Listen to the entire interview here:

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  1. Martin Smith
    Martin Smith says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation featuring Yoon Cannon. Her presentation displayed a great deal of balance. For example, the content was very clear and bullet pointed but was also laced with personable examples. I loved her upbeat style – she seemed very positive but at the same time very practical. Finally, she seemed very confident, appropriately self-assured and experienced. All of these things made the end product seem like a very informative audio PowerPoint with personality.

  2. James Gaumond, Esq.
    James Gaumond, Esq. says:

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    Yoon Cannon presents a very compelling presentation on productivity. Her message on focusing on getting results and using an example to explain the difference between working and being effective is quite helpful. She is quite positive, reassuring and focussed on making the key points stand out. I really believe she cares and wants to help the listener really understand that it is possible for each of us to use her suggestions to be more successful in our own careers and lives. Thanks for having her on your show, hopefully she’ll be back again!

  3. Sean Sands
    Sean Sands says:

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    I enjoyed the conversation with Yoon Cannon. She seemed well organized and presented her strategies quite well. I think the strategies she presented are very useful. She seemed very professional and was a very good speaker.

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