Kimberly Alyn Explodes Gender Myths From Her Book Men Are Slobs, Women Are Neat…And Other Gender Lies That Damage Relationshps

Dr. Kimberly Alyn, author of MEN ARE SLOBS, WOMEN ARE NEAT

Dr. Kimberly Alyn is a best-selling author and an international professional speaker.

She delivers cutting-edge leadership concepts with humor and insight as she inspires people to greater levels of success.

Dr. Alyn is the author of eleven books including How to Inspire People to Achieve More, How to Deal With Annoying People (with Bob Phillips, Ph.D.), Discover your Inner Strength (with contributors Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, and Brian Tracy), and Men are Slobs, Women are Neat…and other Gender Lies that Damage Relationships (with Bob Phillips, Ph.D.).

Dr. Alyn has been an entrepreneur and successful business owner since the age of nineteen.

Dr. Alyn has been a contributing author to a variety of magazines and has been quoted in prominent books and publications like Cosmopolitan.

An advocate of life long learning, Dr. Alyn has her bachelor’s degree in business management, her master’s degree in organizational management, and her doctorate degree in organizational management with a specialty in leadership.