Larry Jordan Reviews The Fundamental Rules Of Good Video Production

Larry Jordan, film editor, producer and author of 5 books on video editing

Larry Jordan is a producer, director, editor, consultant and Apple-Certified trainer with over 25 years video production and post-production experience.

He currently uses his award-winning skills in training editors to use Final Cut Studio.

Larry is the Executive Producer and Host of Creative Planet’s Digital Production BuZZ. He is also author of five books on Final Cut Studio, and publisher of a monthly on-line newsletter covering Final Cut Studio; now in its sixth year of publication.

A member of both the Directors Guild of America and the Producers Guild of America, he is a post-production consultant to Los Angeles broadcast and production studios.

Larry’s 10 Rules of Good Video Production

Larry is recognized as one of the Top 100 Corporate Producers in America.

Larry was one of the first four Apple-Certified trainers in the U.S. to receive credentials as an “Advanced level” Final Cut Pro instructor.