Mark Pitstick Delivers Proof of Our Souls

Dr. Mark Pitstick, author of Soul Proof

As part of “Ethereal Thursday,” we had Dr. Mark Pitstick discuss the nine categories of evidence he has developed in his book, Soul Proof, to convince us of the soul’s existence; 1)    After-Death Contacts 2)    Near-Death Experiences 3)    Miraculous Encounters 4)    Scientific Input 5)    Paranormal Evidence 6)    Enlightened Religious and Spirituality Teachings 7)    Peri-Natal Experiences 8)    Reincarnation Evidence 9)    Inner Knowing.

Many people—myself included—fear death. Mark has a four step process for overcoming that fear that he shared with us; Meditation, Study, Spiritual Fellowship and Observe Time & Nature.

Here the entire interview with Mark below: