Harvey Warren Explains How To Drop Debt

Harvey Warren, author of Drop Debt

Harvey Warren has helped countless people find relief in their struggle with crushing debt to regain their financial footing without bankruptcy. His clients go on to build new, durable financial futures.

His latest book, Drop Debt: Surviving Credit Card Hell Without Bankruptcy, explains the current debt crisis and give a hierarchy of solutions to solve a debt problem.

The problem began, Harvey contends, when banks started marketing credit instead of extending credit to consumers. Such simple mind shifts from being “pre-approved” for a credit card is vastly different than being “pre-qualified.”

If credit problems arise, Harvey says to act on the situation. A lack of action on the consumer’s part is worse than the lack of money to pay the debt.

Finally, Harvey recommends a non-profit Consumer Credit Counseling Service in Utah. Reach them by calling (800) 351-4195.

Listen to the entire interview below: