Paul Blumenthal Of The Sunlight Foundation Examines Campaign Spending

Paul Blumenthal of The Sunlight Foundation

This is the costliest election in American history. Here are some of the figures: a. More than $454 million spent by outside groups to influence mid-term elections.  b. Most spending in a race in the Senate: Colorado ($32 million) followed by Pennsylvania ($25 million) and Washington ($19 million). c. Most spent in House races: Michigan’s 7th district ($8.5 million), Nevada’s 3rd district ($7 million), Ohio’s 16th district ($6.5 million).  d.  To give an idea of the magnitude of outside spending in some House districts: The three candidates in Ohio 16 raised a total of $4.1 million. Outside spending: $6.5 million.

More and more money is being spent to chase fewer and fewer voters. No wonder it costs so much to be elected. The laws of supply and demand are in effect. The same number of candidates chasing a shrinking voter base means it costs more to reach each potential voter.

Paul Blumenthal of The Sunlight Foundation says outside spending is really increasing. Much of the spending is on ideology, not party politics. Paul doesn’t see outside spending subsiding because of the US Supreme Court ruled that government limits on campaign spending by corporations was a violation of Free Speech rights under the 1st Amendment. The ruling was 5-4.

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