Ralph Morin Recounts His Pespective On The Cold War From His Book Of The Same Name

Ralph Morin, author of THE COLD WAR

Music has always intertwined with Ralph Morin’s life. He was born in the middle of the 1930ʻs depression and spent my formative years during the cataclysmic World War Two era.

He was surrounded by the glorious music of the forties; the show tunes, the classical music, the love songs, the martial music. It has had a lasting effect on the things that he did and the way that he lived his life.

After a 4-year period in the Air Force during the Korean “Police Action”, Ralph attended UCLA film school. His output consisted of educational, documentary, industrial and short entertainment films, which he usually wrote and produced.

Some of his clients included CBS Educational, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Rocketdyne, Lockheed, Volkswagen of America and Nissan.

He left filmmaking to develop and operate an Electrical Contracting business in Los Angeles.

In 2008, he began a script than dealt with the Cold War, a period which he knows intimately. After developing the idea, Ralph realized that it would have to be a rather longish film, so it dawned on me that if he ever hoped to get it sold, it might be a good thing to start as a book and continue from that point of view, and so he wrote The Cold War: A Remembrance from the script.