Roy Masters Awakens Americans From Their Hypnotic State


Roy Masters is an English radio commentator and author based near Grants Pass, Oregon. He discusses Christianity, psychology, and philosophy. His commentary is distributed through his Foundation of Human Understanding (FHU), which includes a radio program, books, audio and video recordings, web site, church services, and meetings.

Roy originally planned to go to medical school, but after his father’s death of a heart attack when Roy was 12, the family could only afford to send his elder brother to college. Roy was sent to Brighton, England to apprentice as a diamond cutter. At 18, he served a term in the Royal Sussex Regiment of the British Army.

In 1948, at 20, he traveled to South Africa to pursue the diamond profession, but returned to England. During his time in South Africa, he became more “interested in the power of suggestion and the way the mind influences bodily functions.”

In 1949, he relocated to the United States. In 1952, he met and married his wife, Ann. They moved from Birmingham, Alabama, and settled in Houston, Texas.

Seeing demonstrations by stage hypnotists meant to entertain, he wondered if hypnosis could be put to better uses as a way to fulfill his interest in the healing professions.

Roy developed his own approach to hypnosis and meditation, and many people came to Roy’s home to have him explain hypnotic regression and to demonstrate hypnosis.

In 1961 he founded the Foundation of Human Understanding (FHU).

His latest book is titled, Hypnotic States of Americans: A spiritual survival manual for every American family in a perilous world.