Stephanie Vance Appears To Discuss Advocacy To Government

Stephanie Vance, author of Citizens In Action

Stephanie Vance, the “Advocacy Guru” has over 20 years of experience in Congressional affairs, came on the show to remind us that we have a role to play in government. Citizens are the most effective lobbyists—and we should capitalize on this fact.

Her latest book is titled  Citizens in Action. It describes how we can become more effective lobbying our elected officials.

Stephanie’s perspective is unique. First, she reminded us that our government is designed to be inefficient, a fact many of us overlook. Second, she reminded us that our voices can be heard if only we learn how to cut through the clutter. Third, she says that “point & click” e-mails to our elected officials are less impactful than a well written letter.

Stephanie has a system she uses to make corresponding with any elected official better. She calls it the SPIT method. SPIT is an acronym for Specific, Personal, Informative and Turstworthy (thoughtful).

When asked if Congress’s size should be expanded beyond 535 elected officials, Stephanie had a pragmatic answer. Where would we house the newly expanded officials. Washington offices are bursting at the seams as it is.

Listen to the entire interview below: