Stephen Wunker Explains Capturing New Markets

Stephen Wunker, author of CAPTURING NEW MARKETS

Stephen Wunker is Managing Director, New Markets Advisors, and author of Capturing New Markets: How Smart Companies Create Opportunities Others Don’t.

Stephen is a specialist in finding and entering new markets. Collaborating with companies ranging from start-ups to large corporations, he helps clients develop new ideas, evaluate growth opportunities, and improve how they organize to pursue innovation.

He worked for five years with Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen to create consulting practices around innovation in healthcare, telecom, and financial services.

Stephen built and sold two companies — a telecom start-up and a corporate venture for one of Africa’s largest cellular carriers.

Stephen also led case teams at the leading consulting firm Bain & Company.

He has written dozens of articles for publications including Forbes and BusinessWeek.

He has been a Visiting Executive at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business.

Steve has an MBA from Harvard Business School, a Master’s in Public Administration from Columbia University, and a BA in public policy, cum laude, from Princeton.