Philip Giroux Presents A Sensitive Way To Address A Difficult Subject From His Book Cash Under The Mattress

Philip Giroux, co-author of CASH UNDER THE MATTRESS

Philip Giroux, co-author of CASH UNDER THE MATTRESS

The stark reality is that nobody is getting out of here alive.

Everyone dies. And loved ones are put into the uncomfortable position of dealing with financial and legal matters when emotions are running at their highest.

My next guest knows this from first-hand experience. He lost his father and mother within one year of each other. And, despite having a will and living trust and power of attorney, he discovered that many unexpected demands and requests were placed upon him.

He learned that he didn’t want others to experience what he had experienced during his time of ultimate grief. So, he and co-author Sally Lamb wrote the ultimate estate and crisis handbook, Cash Under The Mattress.