Steve Gillman Gives 101 Weird Ways To Make Money For Those Who Want To Leave Corporate America

Steve Gillman, author of 101 WEIRD WAYS TO MAKE MONEY

Steve Gillman was born in Bay City, Michigan in 1964.

Reading and being in the woods occupied his childhood.

Steve traveled across the United States at sixteen-years-old (mostly busses and hitchhiking).

At seventeen he hitchhiked to Mexico with a notarized permission slip from my parents in order to cross borders.

At some point he got my high school diploma. After a few college classes he gave up on formal education to spend more time studying and learning about things that matter.

In his life Steve has had dozens of jobs—which makes him uniquely qualified for today’s discussion.

He traveled to Ecuador in 2001, where I climbed to the summit of 20,600-foot Mount Chimborazo, and met Ana, the love of his life. they were married in the fall of 2001.

Along the way, and with Ana as his inspiration, Steve started to do something with his writing, initially online and later in print.

His online business has done well. Steve writes about brainpower, politics, travel, economics, the mind, backpacking, inventions, and ideas in general, and makes money doing so.

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