Hans Eysink Smeets is the managing partner of a worldwide retail strategy consultancy. He began his career in banking and now offers some advice for bankers from his latest book Porn For Bankers: What Bankers Can Learn From Porn.

Robert Rowland Smith gives deeper meaning to life’s milestones. He is a former Oxford Fellow who applies the teachings of history’s great thinkers to our ordinary lives. We examine life’s meaning from his book Driving With Plato.

David Allen is one of the world’s most influential thinkers on productivity and an Ojai resident. We discuss gearing up for productivity and powering on with our lives from his book Getting Things Done.

Roxanne Emmerich is a consultant, an author, a motivational speaker and 3-time Entrepreneur of the Year. She helps change workplace culture so that every employee is motivated to come to work. We discuss her latest book, Thank God It’s Monday.

Russell Bishop is a successful businessman and consultant. He helps individuals and companies create unparalleled success. He’s the master of workarounds that keep you moving forward—in work and life. We discuss his latest book, Workarounds that Work.

Jodi Walker reminded listeners to take personal ownership for achieving results. She shared her personal acronym for doing that: FACTOR.