Doug Halter tells us what it takes to grow the Ventura Botanical Gardens from an embryonic idea to a public asset benefiting the community.

Guests include Doug Halter updating the progress of the Ventura Botanical Gardens, business innovation and productivity leaders Navi Radjou and Jason Jennings discussing breakthrough change, John Graham exploring the possible outcomes for Obamacare after the Supreme Court ruling, David McAlvany presenting the possibilities if Greece withdraws from the Eurozone and Cynthia Montgomery teaching us how to be better business leaders.

Suz Montgomery and Doug Halter are deeply concerned about local politics. Both are residents of Ventura. Both have been vocal and active in local politics. We have a roundtable discussion about local politics.

Guests include: Christy Weir, Capt. Larry Vasquez of Naval Base Ventura County, Gayle Washburn, James Sherk of the Heritage Foundation, Robert Evans formerly of CBS News and Suz Montgomery and Doug Halter discussing local politics.

Doug Halter is a former candidate for the Ventura City Council and political gadfly. We handicap the upcoming Ventura City Council elections.

Guests will be Kathryn Heath instructing women to change their patterns of thinking, Doug Halter handicapping the 2011 Ventura City Council elections and Mark Johnson defining the new customer satisfaction metrics for the 21st Century