Guests for June 17, 2012

My guests on THE BILL FRANK RADIO SHOW for Sunday, June 17, 2012 will be:

Navi Radjou, a Fellow at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, discusses how to think frugal, be flexible and generate breakthrough growth from his groundbreaking book, Jugaad innovation.

Cynthia Montgomery, a Harvard Business School professor, will teach us how to be the leaders our businesses need from her latest book, The Strategist.

John Graham, of the Pacific Research Institute, will explore the different options resulting from the US Supreme Court’s pending decision on Obamacare.

Doug Halter, local business leader and landscape designer, will update us on the Ventura Botanical Gardens.

David McAlvany, CEO of the McAlvany Financial Companies, will present the various scenarios to the economy if Greece decides to leave the Eurozone and return to the Drachma currency.

Jason Jennings, authority on leadership, growth and innovation, will explain how extraordinary companies pursue radical continuous change from his book, The Reinventors.

Join me at 11 o’clock am Pacific time on News/Talk 1520 KVTA in Ventura and on the Internet at