Kevin Allen knows a few things about advertising and marketing in the 21st Century. He developed the “Priceless” campaign for MasterCard. We discuss his proven way to win business and create a following from his book The Hidden Agenda.

Aaron Shapiro is the CEO of a consultancy that helps companies interact with their customers and manage their business in the online economy. We discuss who really determines the success of a business from his book Users, Not Customers.

New media provocateur and journalist, Bill Wasik—originator of the “flash mob”—discusses how anyone with a computer can influence the media by initiating a small ripple of a story that can turn into a tsunami.

Why are we obsessed with reading crime fiction? What is its enduring appeal? Julie Dolcemaschio, author of Testarossa explains why.

Gordon Dierker, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Brendan Travel, gives us some holiday travel bargains while he is en route to a Mediterranean cruise vacation.

Former 3-time mayor of New York City, Ed Koch, discussed his career as a politician.