John McManus is an expert on one of World War II’s most infamous battles—the planned invasion of Germany code named Operation Market Garden. We talk about the failed attack from the American perspective from his latest book, September Hope: The American Side Of A Bridge Too Far.

Robert Fishbone is a serial entrepreneur with an artistic bent. He provides us motivation to turn our “off the wall” ideas into action in the year ahead.

Gig Gwin is one of a handful of people to have traveled to all 320 countries of the world. We discuss his travel spirit and how the spirit can move you, too, from his book Travel Dreams Sold Here.

Justin Short has an unusual background. He’s a successful dentist whose passion is helping others succeed. He partnered with a successful financial planner to write a book of daily principles to live by. We examine his principles from his book Pocket Truths for Success.

Nick Reding tells how methamphetamine destroyed the 6,000-resident farming community, Oelwein, IA; a rural community about 300 miles from Chicago.

Cupid’s Coach, Julie Ferman, gave a great interview on BRAINSTORMIN’ with Billy the Brain today.