Gig Gwin Has Seen Every Country In The World And Reveals The Joy Of Travel

Gig Gwin, travel writer and author of TRAVEL DREAMS SOLD HERE

Gig Gwin is the “most traveled” travel agent in the world.

According to the Travelers Century Club of Los Angeles, there are 317 countries, Gig has visited all of them (many numerous times) plus several no longer considered countries.

By 18, Gig had visited 46 states. His first international travel experience was a trip to Viet Nam, courtesy of the U.S. Army, and it was the beginning of a lifetime passion for travel and cultures.

Gig has been on over 2,600 flights covering 3.4 million miles, over 30 cruises, innumerable trains, motor coaches, taxis, cars and even “hoofing it” when necessary.

Local transportation has involved elephants, camels, horses, mules, donkeys and an ostrich.

Gig’s second passion is travel writing. He has been American Express Persona Magazine’s travel writer for the past four years.

He was a Product Development Manager for Maritz Travel Company—the largest travel incentive company in the world, and his destination report was key for client site selection.

Gig has been featured in newspapers worldwide, thanks to Associated Press, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and The Globe and Mail. He is a contributing writer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. He has been featured from the Ambassador magazine to the Pacific Stars and Stripes.

Gig graduated from the University of Missouri and a brief stint as a Trans World Airlines reservations agent, he joined Maritz Travel Company.