Rod Collins is the owner of Wiki-Management, an innovative consulting company that helps forward thinking business leaders successfully manage complex change by leveraging the power of their collective knowledge. He argues for a new management style for the 21st Century from his book Leadership in a Wiki World.

Guests include Rod Collins talking about Leadership in a Wiki world, Ken May and I discuss whether technology has made us better off than we were 5 years ago, and Ralph Morin remembering The Cold War.

Rebel Brown is a rebel—both literally and metaphorically. She explains how to propel our businesses to high-velocity growth from her book Defy Gravity.

Matt Bailey has over 15 years in Internet marketing. After starting one successful business and working for others, he founded his own website marketing company. He teaches us how to market our businesses in 1 hour per day or less.

Joel Goldhar is a professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Stuart School of Business. We discuss Apple’s future after Steve Jobs.

Tom Oser is a thought leader in the field of management of technology. We discuss why self-leadership is the prerequisite to general leadership.