Rebel Brown Teaches Companies To Defy Gravity To Propel Themselves Into High-Velocity Growth

Rebel Brown, author of DEFY GRAVITY

Rebel Brown has positioned and repositioned technology companies for high-velocity growth for over two decades.

She’s recognized for her expertise in business and market strategy, corporate and product positioning and go-to-market launches.

Rebel’s best selling business book, Defy Gravity, is a guide to creating Power Positions in today’s technology markets.

Rebel has been featured in media including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, Business Insider, Startup Nation, First Business TV, Exceptional People and more.

Rebel started her consulting business in 1989, after selling large systems to financial services and aerospace markets. In the late 90’s, Rebel ran a consulting business from Paris, bringing European start-up firms to the US.

Rebel enjoys her pursuits as an avid horsewoman and Wild Horse activist, expert skier and outdoorswoman who tends an orchid greenhouse, hikes coastal mountains and kayaks the Pacific Ocean.

Diego, or Mr. D, a 3-year old retired show champion dog is Rebel’s constant companion.