The Tiger Woods Syndrome Demystified

Dr. R.A. Richards, author of The Tiger Woods Syndrome

Dr. Rick Richards, author of the book The Tiger Woods Syndrome: Why Men Prowl and How to Not Become the Prey, explained the five-stage pattern of behavior behind the syndrome: 1) artificial intimacy 2) approval seeking 3) choosing the old versus the new self 4) the Honeymoon and 5) payback for the deception.

John Edwards, David Letterman, Michael Jordan, Bill Clinton, Mark Sanford, Rick Patino and Tiger Woods have all strayed in their marriage. It’s because the marriage was built on the husband being a “mirage man.”

Rick went on to explain that our current notion of marriage, companionate marriage, is a relatively new idea. It requires a different courtship and selection process than in the past.

Here more of my interview with Dr. Richards below:

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