Tom Wilson Relates The Entire Story Behind The Comic Strip Ziggy

Tom Wilson, Ziggy Cartoonist

Tom Wilson has been drawing ZIGGY since 1987.

It comes very naturally to Tom, whose father created the cartoon in 1971.

After studying graphic design at Miami University and fine art and illustration at Boston University, Tom graduated in 1981 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Before drawing ZIGGY, Tom worked for Amtoy, a New York City toy company, as Director of New Project Development. He went on to develop the internationally syndicated children’s comic strip, UG!

Tom pursues his ongoing passion for creative development as president of Ziggy and Friends, Inc., where he is in charge of both creating the comic for syndication and the licensed products program.

In addition, for more than 12 years, Tom has lent his talents as a conceptual creative consultant — a “Trained-Brain” — for Richard Saunders International—a world-renowned creative think tank that has been named the nation’s #1 innovation consulting service for developing new brands and products for Fortune 500 companies.

Tom has started a new company called Character Matters, specializing in developing world class characters for branding and licensing.