Troy Evans Claims Too Many People Are Caged By The Prison Within And Explains How To Break Free

Troy Evans, former bank robber turned motivational speaker

Troy Evans was sentenced to 13 years in Federal Prison in 1992. He was convicted of 5 armed bank robberies, in 3 states, over a 6-month crime spree. His neighbors in prison included such notorious criminals as Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols.

Troy was released on December 13, 1999, over 7 1/2 years later.

Troy was determined that his time behind bars would not be wasted time. Education would be his saving grace. When Troy walked out of prison he carried with him two degrees, both obtained with a 4.0 GPA and designation on the Dean’s and President’s list.

Troy is now a motivational speaker. Audiences are stunned by his endurance, accomplishments and remarkable personal transformation. Troy shows how the keys to his success in prison are the keys to his success today, and how these lessons can be applied to escaping the “prisons within oneself.”