Bill Allison Of The Sunlight Foundation Sheds Some Light On Super PACs

Bill Allison, editorial director of The Sunlight Foundation

Bill Allison is the Editorial Director at the Sunlight Foundation.

A veteran investigative journalist and editor for nonprofit media, Bill worked for the Center for Public Integrity for 9 years, where he co-authored The Cheating of America with Charles Lewis.

He was senior editor of The Buying of the President 2000 and co-editor of the New York Times bestseller The Buying of the President 2004.

He edited projects on topics ranging from the role of international arms smugglers and private military companies in failing states around the world to the rise of section 527 organizations in American politics.

Prior to joining the Center, Bill worked for 8 years for The Philadelphia Inquirer—the last two as researcher for Pulitzer Prize winning reporters Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele.