Darren Hardy Explains The Compound Effect And Its Impact On Success In All Aspects Of Life

Darren Hardy, publisher of SUCCESS Magazine and author of THE COMPOUND EFFECT

Darren Hardy has been a leader in the personal-development industry for sixteen years, having led two personal-development-based television networks—The People’s Network (TPN), and The Success Training Network (TSTN)—producing and launching more than a thousand TV shows, live events, and products and programs with many of the world’s top experts.

Darren is a product of the principles he reveals in his book The Compound Effect.

As an entrepreneur, Darren was earning a six-figure income by age eighteen, more than a million dollars a year by age twenty-four, and he owned a company producing $50 million a year in revenue by age twenty-seven..

Today, Darren is the publisher and editorial director of SUCCESS magazine. He is in a unique position to interview leading experts on human performance and achievement, as well as many of today’s top CEOs, revolutionary entrepreneurs, superstar athletes, entertainers, and Olympic champions.

Darren is a popular keynote speaker and appears regularly on national radio and TV shows for CNBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX.

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