Brian Golden Explains How To Dare To Live Without Limits

Bryan Golden, author of Dare To Live Without LImits

Bryan Golden has simple, practical steps to teach us how to live without limits. Author of the book, Dare To Live Without Limits, Bryan shares his outlook to help each of us avoid failure.

Among the findings Bryan has discovered, the quality of our experience is determined by our attitude, limitations and figments of our imagination. Overcoming a negative outlook is determined by our conditioning and any outside comments we receive. Bryan believes the amount of criticism we receive about what we do is a baramoter of success. The more criticism, the higher the likelihood we’re doing something right.

Bryan also lays out his 8-step plan to achieve any goal: a. Create a list of successful people you want to emulate b. Contact any successful people on that list you know c. List everything you need to succeed d. Write a major plan of action e. Break down each step into substeps f. Create a plan of action for each substep g. Act. Take the first step.
h. Persist

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