Cindy Kubica Tells Us How Stress Shows Up In Our Faces

Cindy Kubica, stress expert

According to the American Institute of Stress, the cost of stress on our nation is an estimated $300 billion a year.

Cindy Kubica, a stress expert, claims stress steals your personal freedom. Powerful statement!

Stress shows itself in the face. Look in the mirror. If you’re stressed, you’ll see puffiness, dark circles and droopy skin. Emotional stress shows itself in the left-side of the face first because the left side is controlled by the right hemisphere, the emotional hemisphere, of the brain. As Cindy likes to say, “left is best, unless you’re stressed.”

How can we reduce stress? Cindy gives a few ideas. 1) Get “up” in the morning. Most of us get “down” because we start thinking about our to-do list, the problems we’ll face in teh day, etc. Cindy leaps out of bed and says, “I win,” because she wants to be up when she wakes. 2) Replace negative thoughts with positive ones 3) Move your body. Stretch. We’re meant to move, not sit still. 4) Recite a mantra—something positive. 5) Stretch during the day. 6) Eat for your activity level. If you’re going to be sitting in meetings all day, eat less and different foods than if you’re going to be thinking all day.

Listen to the entire interview below:

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