Dean Kropp Tells How He Beat The GEICO Gecko

Dean Kropp, author of A Bone to Pick

Dean Kropp’s latest book, A Bone to Pick: Chef Dean’s Rights for Rehabilitation recounts his tale of an auto accident that led him down the path of lawsuits with insurance companies. It is a cautionary tale for all insured motorists.

Dean and his wife were returning from a pre-season football game in New Jersey in August. His car was insured in New York which is a “no fault” insurance state.

Dean suffered whiplash and concussion. His wife rushed him to an emergency room in NJ. Concussions are hard to diagnose, so Dean walked around for 3.5 years of Post Concussion Syndrome. Once diagnosed, he went to Hackensack Hospital—the best hospital in the region for concussion rehab—and that’s when the battles begin.

If you’re an insured motorist, you will want to listen to this saga: