Ted McLyman Gives His Prescription For Money Sanity From His Book Money Makes Me Crazy!

Ted McLyman, author of MONEY MAKES ME CRAZY!

Ted McLyman is the CEO of Apexx Behavioral Solutions Group and Apexx Behavioral Financial Grooup. He is a fully licensed financial advisor and author. Prior to forming the company he was a District Manager with two major financial planning firms.

Ted is a retired Lt Col, USMC where he served in various command and staff positions including Aide to the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Financial Management

The foundational concept of Apexx Behavioral is that individuals have specific and unique temperaments that influence all decision making. In order to make better choices people need to know and understand their temperaments.

Ted’s education includes a Bachelor of Arts (BA), Colgate University; a Master of Science (MS), Boise State University; and a Master of Arts (MA), Pepperdine University

Ted is a triathlete–although old and slow.