Doug Henwood Explains Why AARP Has Lost Its Lobbying Clout

Doug Henwood, editor of LEFT BUSINESS OBSERVER

Doug Henwood, editor and publisher of Left Business Observer, got his B.A. in English from Yale in 1975.

At Yale, Henwood was briefly a conservative and a member of the Party of the Right, but he quickly came to his senses (as he puts it).

From 1976-79, Doug did graduate work in English at the University of Virginia, fulfilling all requirements for a PhD except for that great stumbling block, a dissertation.

The dissertation was never written. But in the course of boning up on the theory and history of the U.S. political economy, Doug got more deeply interested in economic matters and less so in literary ones.

Doug was convinced that the 1980s experiment with free-market economics was a financial and social disaster and that much “left” writing on economics was usually dry and dated. He founded Left Business Observer in September 1986.

Every issue includes a report on the world’s financial markets and central banks.

Doug is also a contributing editor of The Nation, and hosts a radio weekly program on KPFA (Berkeley).

His latest book, After the New Economy, was published in 2003.