Dr. Ian Smith Offers Great Advice From His Latest Book, Happy

Dr. Ian Smith, expert on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club and author of Happy

Dr. Ian Smith, the medical/diet expert on VH1’s highly rated Celebrity Fit Club, and the creator and founder of The 50 Million Pound Challenge, gives my listeners simple steps to make their lives more peaceful, teaches them how to enjoy life more and, in general, be happier.

His latest book, Happy: Simple Steps to Get the Most Out of Life, came from his own experience while on his honeymoon in Indonesia. Ian was confronted by realization that staying connected in our “modern lives” doesn’t allow us to live in the moment.

Happiness, according to Ian, is a journey—a troika of Pleasure, Meaning and Engagement.

His best advice, create a list of 5 things that are important to you. The list must be 5 things. Ian’s experience shows that most people can get the first two or three, but reaching five takes thought.

Once you have your list, spend a minimum of 15 minutes each day making sure you are working on those 5 things.

Listen to the entire interview below: