Dr. Valencia Ray Helps Us Remove Cataracts From Our Hearts, Souls And Minds

Dr. Valencia Ray, author of Empower Up and Play Big

Dr. Valencia Ray trained to be an Ophthalmologist and practiced for 20 years before leaving that behind to become a coach, mentor and speaker. She now helps her clients remove the cataracts from their hearts, souls and minds.

Her latest book is titled, Empower Up and Play Big: Winning at Life from the Inside Out. In it, she describes how to remove what is blocking our internal clarity, confidence and peace of mind.

Dr. Ray teaches us to return to our C.O.R.E., an acronym that stands for Courage, Open mind, Reflection and Enthusiasm.

Some of the interesting tidbits she shared with us are: 1) memories are held in the body at the cellular level—what she calls “molecules of emotion.” 2) Emotions have 5,000 times more magnetic energy than thoughts alone  3) Emotions have 60 times more electrical energy than thoughts alone and 4) our habit patterns are formed by our thoughts, feelings (or emotions) and actions. Many of our habit patterns are formed early in life—sometime during the first seven years of our life when we have an underdeveloped logic and are controlled by our fears.

Listen to the entire interview here: