Erika Andersen Discusses Being Strategic

Erika Andersen, author of Being Strategic

Erika Andersen is the founding partner of Proteus International; a coaching, consulting and training firm that helps client organizations clarify and move toward their hoped-for-future. She’s been called the “Suze Orman of Strategy.” In her latest book, Being Strategic: Plan for Success; Out-Think Your Competitors; Stay Ahead of Change, she takes a unique approach to strategy in the 21st Century by using a framework from a 13th Century Welsh nobleman who built a castle for protection. She uses fresh and relevant real-life examples to make the concepts come alive.

Erika’s definition of strategy is consistently focusing on core choices that move you towards your goal.

Her 5-step plan to think strategically is: a. Clarify the problem b. Understand where you’re starting from relative to the problem c. Create a clear vision for the future d. Identify the obstacles in the way e. Determine a path to the future.

Listen to the entire interview below: