Guests for February 13, 2012



I’ll be substitute hosting for Coach Ron Tunick on his afternoon drive time show on KKZZ. My guests on THE BUSINESS OF LIFE for Monday, February 13, 2012 will be:

Barbara Weltman, contributor to the JK Lasser Tax Book series, will talk about small business taxes from her latest book JK Lasser’s Small Business Taxes 2012.

Water cooler Monday. Regular listeners know this segment is when Margaret McLean and I discuss topics of the day. We’ll discuss Intellectual Property and the SOPA and PIPA laws in Congress, and whether we need to overhaul the patent system and copyright law in the United States. Margaret is an attorney,  a Boston College business law professor, and an author of Under Fire. We will also discuss her forthcoming radio show, Thursdays on KKZZ.

Erik Qualman, known as a Digital Dale Carnegie, will give us the 5 simple keys to success and influence from his book Digital Leader.

Eric Chester will comment on the Clint Eastwood Super Bowl XLVII halftime commercial and discuss ending entitlement and restoring pride to America’s workforce from his latest book Reviving Work Ethic.

Shelly Palmer is Fox 5 New York‘s On-air Tech Expert (WNYW-TV) and the host of Fox Television’s monthly show Shelly Palmer Digital Living. We’ll discuss the explosion of App development for smart phones and the rumors of the forthcoming iPad 3 from Apple.

Lindsay Frucci will describe her amazing path to entrepreneurship from her book The Pig and Me.

Join me at 4 o’clock pm Pacific time on AM 1400 KKZZ in Ventura and on the Internet at