Guests for July 15, 2012

The road map for THE BILL FRANK RADIO SHOW on Sunday, July 15, 2012 reads like this:

Loral Langemeier, one of today’s most visible and innovative money experts, will inject some optimism from her Power of Yes event to put us on the path to the future.

Sylvia Muñuz Schnopp, Port Hueneme City Councilwoman and author, will discuss the Cristero Revolution from her latest book Abandoned Angels.

David Cruz Thayne, local politician, will comment on the US House of Representatives race for California’s 26th Congressional District between Julia Brownley and Tony Strickland.

Joseph McClendon III, a local expert in transforming people’s lives, will teach us how to Get Happy Now.

Troy Evans, a convicted bank robber, will explain how he transformed himself and overcome significant obstacles and how we can free ourselves from the prisons inside each of us.

Dr. John Ellis, professor emeritus at UC Santa Cruz, will discuss how politicized the California University system has become based on a 2-year study by the California Association of Scholars.

Join me at 11 o’clock am Pacific time on News/Talk 1520 KVTA in Ventura and on the Internet at