J.D. Petruzzi Displays His Expertise On The Battle of Gettysburg From His Book The New Gettysburg Campaign Handbook

J.D. Petruzzi, author of The New Gettysburg Campaign Handbook

J. David Petruzzi is a long-time student of American history, specializing in the Civil War.

He was recently named the Historical Advisor for the upcoming 8-part TV miniseries To Appomattox (scheduled to be released during the summer of 2013).

J. D.’s most recent book is titled The Complete Gettysburg Guide. It features maps and a complete design by acclaimed cartographer/graphic designer Steven Stanley.  The book won the US Army’s Award for Excellence in the Reference category.

Following the release of the Gettysburg guide, he was a featured author on national television shows on History Channel and PBS.

J. D. has a forthcoming book, The New Gettysburg Campaign Handbook, due out in July commemorates the 148th anniversary of the battle.

In addition to studying history, J.D. enjoys outdoor pursuits such as gardening, fishing, and traveling.

He lives in northwest Pennsylvania with his wife Karen.