Jeff Edwards Talks About Launching Your Next Career In A Recession

Jeff Edwards, “accidental” career coach and CEO of InterSkillMedia

Jeff Edwards is a motivational speaker and author of fiction and non-fiction books.

Jeff has interviewed over 10,000 applicants in his career. The interviewing experience has led him to a 20-year career as a Career Coach and Sales Trainer, during which time he has helped over 2,500 people launch new careers. He is CEO of InterSkillMedia.

His latest book is titled, Launching Your Next Career in a Recession.

In a highly competitive job market where there may be 300 applicants for every job opening, keeping a positive, upbeat attitude is vital. Positive attitude stems from one’s belief system. During unemployment, it is important to stop all negative self-talk by arguing against it, according to Jeff. It is also critical to be selective with the people with whom you spend time. Surround yourself with positive, supportive people.

Some steps a person can take to find a job faster include creating lists of:
a.  Transferable skills. b.  Past experiences, both job and non-job related c.  Things you’re good at doing d.  Things you like doing. Jeff then suggests creating a ledger of Skills on left, Jobs Using Those skills on right to expand one’s thinking about potential jobs.

In general, Jeff says that men take unemployment harder than women.

Jeff gave an interesting observation. Many hiring managers are searching LinkedIn and Facebook for candidates before posting a job. In Jeff’s opinion, it’s a big mistake not to use these tools in a job search. Listen to his system for maximizing LinkedIn and Facebook in job searches.

Jeff is also a non-verbal communications specialist. He offers these tips for interviewees: 1) Don’t overdress 2) Men wear white shirts (which convey power and competence) and conservative ties. No stripped ties over the age of 40 3) Women wear a minimal amount of jewelry. 4) Smile during the interview 5) Keep your chin level—at a 90 degree angle to the floor 6) Flash your eyebrows when meeting someone for the first time 7) Maintain eye contact when speaking 8) Modulate your voice tone—this is particularly important for older job seekers to give a youthful, energetic impression and 9) Be likeable.

Listen to the entire interview below: