Kathryn Mullen Discusses The Changes In Baby Boomer Woman In The Post Recession Era

Kathryn Mullen Discusses Baby Boomer Women in the Post-Recession Era

Kathryn Mullen is a Writer, Researcher and Media Network Owner. She published an online fashion magazine for over eight years.

She’s been a fashion model for over twenty years.

Kathryn knows women aged fifty, and up, are not the same women that our moms were in their day. She enlightens us on what Baby Boomer women want now that they are at the height of their earning and spending capabilities.

Women account for a staggering 85% of all consumer purchases
a.    Women spend $5 trillion annually, over half of the US GDP
b.    91% of new homes
c.    92% of food
d.    80% of healthcare/93% of OTC medicines
e.    66% of PCs
f.    65% of new cars
g.    89% of bank accounts
h.    Women aged 50 years and older spend 2.5 times as much as the average consumer.