Dave Farrow, Memory Expert, Informs Us About Advancements In Memory

Dave Farrow, Memory Expert and Owner of the Website YourMemorySucks.com

Dave Farrow, memory expert and owner of the website YourMemorySucks.com, updated us on the latest advancements in memory science.

Memory and mental fitness is the biggest topic in the over-35 demographic. Anyone can improve their memory and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by up to 80% by using the tips Dave provides on his website.

Memory science has come a long way since Mnemonics. A new collection of data indicates the long-term memory switch is in the Hippocampus base and individuals have one of five “memory triggers” 1) action (movement) 2) exaggeration 3) oddity 4) personalization (relates to something one does) or 5) fantastical. Knowing your memory trigger style greatly improves your chance of remembering things.

Other tips Dave shared were: a) Look up if you blank out. Pointing the eyes up accesses your visual memory b) Test your memory immediately after hearing new information c) Think of an item exploding where you place it, if you forget where you place things and d) Imagine breaking an imaginary alarm clock if you need to remember to do something at a particular time.

Listen to the entire interview below: